• Dan Mangru has been the Host of Newsmax’s Money Report and  a financial commentator for Moneynews.com. Mr. Mangru has contributed to several other financial publications such as the Financial Intelligence Report and Private Opportunities. On Newsmax.com, over 5 million Americans are reached online daily.
  • At 27 years of age, Mr. Mangru is a dynamic executive with an engaging personality who is able to convey what is going on in the worlds of real estate and finance in a way that is understandable and entertaining to all. He has appeared on or been mentioned by such news outlets as USA Today, Motley Fool, China Daily, and Businessweek (print or online).
  • As Host of Newsmax’s Money Report, Mr. Mangru has interviewed some of the leading economists, strategists, and investors of our generation including Oil Tycoon T. Boone Pickens, Quantum Fund co-Founder Jim Rogers, Swiss Billionaire Marc Faber, Fund Manager Mario Gabelli, and Yale University Professor of Economics Dr. Robert Shiller.
  • Mr. Mangru through executive and consulting capacities, is responsible for the management of multi-million dollar South Florida Real Estate Property Investments.
  • Mr. Mangru, is also the founder of The Global Advisory Group, a Palm Beach, Florida advisory firm that focuses on globalization, real estate development, strategic partnering, mergers & acquisitions, media, and new business development. Mangru has helped advise a wide array of companies and groups in a range of areas, including education, sports, real estate, document delivery, internet search, telecommunications, non-profit, and politics. Through The Global Advisory Group, Mr. Mangru has conducted business in over 20 countries.
  • He has been nominated for such prestigious awards as International Who’s Who of Professionals 2004 & 2005, and was a Special Advisor to a United Nations non-governmental organization (NGO).
  • Mr. Mangru was born in New York City and holds a B.A. in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University, where he has sat on various alumni committees. He is also a licensed securities professional and is a member of the National Investment Bankers Association (NIBA), as well as several other industry professional associations. In addition to advising companies, Mangru occasionally speaks at universities and roundtable events on business and market trends.
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